Colors, contrast, range, power, evenness, flexibility, détaché: the headjoint is the most sensitive part of the flute. The sound wave is created here and is a major factor in the general sound quality of the instrument.

Headjoints models

Our three headjoints models come in a variety of silver and gold combinations, offering a wide range
of possibilities. The embouchure hole's geometry, die-forged before being shaped by hand,
gives each model its personality.

Parmenon headjoint, alpha model

Dynamics & colors

Its oval embouchure hole
provides a precise control of
dynamics and colors.

Parmenon headjoint, delta model

Finesse & flexibility

The Delta model is distinguished by its
wide front wall enabling a naturally
fine and flexible sound.

Embouchure Parmenon modèle Sigma

Projection & richness

This rectangular riser
is characterised by its projection
and richness of sound.


We generally use two metals to craft our flutes and headjoints: 930 solid silver (93% silver), and 14K rose gold (58.5% gold).
On request, we also use gold alloys from 9k to 18k in a variety of colors, as well as ebony, cocuswood, boxwood and other woods.

Solid silver Parmenon headjoint


14 carats rose gold riser and solid silver lip plate and tube Parmenon headjoint


14 carats rose gold riser and lip plate Parmenon headjoint


14 carats rose gold Parmenon headjoint

930‰ Solid silver

14 carats rose gold (585‰)

The Parmenon stopper

The Parmenon stopper

In traditionnal stoppers, airtightness is achieved through a block of cork, a material well known for absorbing vibrations.

The Parmenon stopper seeks to use all the possibilities that this part of the headjoint has to offer by letting it vibrate freely. This produces a richer sound and gives the artist a wider tonal and dynamic palette. All Parmenon flutes are equipped with this patented system.