We offer the common options to customize your instrument,
as well as some specific innovative patented options.  

Patented Parmenon options


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Parmenon G# system ®

Boehm’s initial concept did not include an additional closed G# tonehole, and the G/G# fingerings were reversed.

By adding this tonehole, the fingering was simplified, at the expense of the flute’s acoustics: to compensate for this weakness, the player had to put more effort into sustaining the righthand notes.

Our Parmenon G# system combines modern fingering without the addition of a G# tonehole.

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Resonant Low B ®

Patented in 1988 by Michel Parmenon, the Resonant Low B takes advantage of the acoustic length of the B footjoint.

The B key closes along with the E flat key, thus creating a long closed tube segment at the end of theflute. It is this closed tube segment that improves the instrument’s resonance..

Standard mechanism options


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Above: A Parmenon flute with offset G, split E mechanism and a C# trill.  

Offset G key

An ergonomic option which provides a more natural left hand position.


This option provides a more secure high E natural.

C# trill

This additional key simplifies a number of trills and enables playing a colored and well-tuned middle C#.

Open G#

The original G# mechanism, as designed by Theobald Boehm (reverse G/G# fingering).

Decorative options