Recherche & développement

Computer Aided Design

CAD (computer aided design), applied to the development of new flute mechanisms, allows us to very precisely design the components of our flutes.

We use it to design components for special orders as well as for improving our more usual parts.

Mesures impédance flûte parmenon LAUM PAFI ITEMM


Modern flutes produce a sound close to that of a “pure sound”, as defined in acoustics. Harmonics are added to this "pure sound" by the flutist, shaped by his breath and used much as a palette of colors is by a painter.

From the beginning, Michel Parmenon worked in the direction of developing colors and harmonic richness. Over the years and through contact with many musicians and acousticians, we have developed our own acoustic scale, along with three headjoint models, each with its own design and geometry.

Currently, we are working with the European Technological Institute for the Music Professions (ITEMM) in several acoustical research projects.

si de resonance parmenon flute traversiere


Over nearly four decades of work, we have filed several patents, such as on our Parmenon stopper®, our Parmenon G# system® and our Resonant Low B system®.
Other patents have been developed in collaboration with well known instrument companies.