matrice forgeage a froid Parmenon flute traversiere

Cold-forged mechanism

Cold forging is done by hammering a piece into its shape, giving the metal its greatest molecular density.
We make each part of our instruments with these criteria, ensuring strength and esthetic finesse.
For the flutist, it’s the ultimate guarantee of having a reliable, even and durable mechanism.

creux creux plateaux ouverts flute traversiere fabriqué dans la masse

Open-hole Monobloc

For our flutes' mechanism, we developed a monobloc open-hole solderless cup. Instead of a Y-arm brazed onto a cup, our open-hole keys are machined entirely from one solid piece of metal.
This sensitive element coupled with a cold-forged mechanism meets the highest mechanical criteria.

vis pointe ogive bronze

Bronze pointed screw

The flute mechanism wears with use, causing play on the rods.
To limit mechanical wear, we borrowed watchmaking's secret weapon: mixing steel (for the rods) with bronze (for the pointed screws).
The coefficient of friction between these metals is outstanding and improves durability. The pointed screws allow adjustments later to counteract play from wear that might develop.

axe pouce serti flute parmenon

Crimped thumb key rod

The appearance of play between the thumb keys is a very common sign of wear on modern flutes. As these keys support a large part of the instrument's weight, the wear of the key pipes, which pivot against each other, is accelerated.

To address this issue, we choose to crimp the B thumb key to a moving rod pivoting between two bronze pointed screws, instead of leaving the key pivoting freely around a fixed rod. This has the advantage of significantly reducing the pressure and wear between the key pipes and improves the thumb keys' life expectancy.

Cheminées soudées flute traversière

Soldered toneholes

All our flutes are made with soldered toneholes.
Machined with extreme precision, they are soldered in place and then finished by hand.
Nos choix & spécificités


The “donut”, as it's usually called, is a reduction in the diameter of the G sharp tonehole.
This reduction minimizes the acoustic impact of the duplication of the G sharp tonehole on modern flutes.

All our flutes are made with a donut, except when the E-mechanism or our Parmenon G sharp mechanism® is chosen as an option.

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